How healthy is your diet?

By | September 7, 2021

I used to be around 80kgs during my NEET preparation time and so in the first year of medical college. When I entered there lately I realised I need to lose weight and so started working for it from the beginning of 2nd year and this embarked one of the most beautiful journey of my life, presently I’m 20kgs lighter than my highest recorded weight and mind it I’m 5’7. I’ve lost weight very gradually not with some crash diet or something so that I can maintain it. I eat every kind of food just at the right time and workout for 6 days in a week. Gymming and diet both play a very important role in fat loss and you need to be mindful about both the things. I’ll be sharing 2 plans: one that I follow in college and the one my family follows at home, obviously the later is more healthy but this is not feasible for all the hostellers who have to rush class at 8.

College Days:

Wake up around 6:30 and then I start my day with 2 glasses of warm water; one with lemon and other with Wheatgrass and Aloevera Juice

Breakfast is around 7:30 and I’ve dry fruits and chia seed soaked overnight and I top it with some fruit and nuts to go with; also one coconut water

Lunch: This is around 1:30 PM and I eat whatever there’s in mess; usually curry and 2 Chapatis

I return from college around 5 and then I’ve my Pre workout Black coffee and then rush to gym, I workout till 6:30 and then after I freshen up it’s dinner time. Dinner is very light and I eat a fruit bowl and a one more coconut water. And then around 10PM I’ve a cup of green tea to end my day with. I also have some multivitamin supplements to just add on

And for Home(Lockdown effect) this is my schedule

Again I start my day at 7 and morning drinks are same, then I workout from 8 to 9:15 and then for Breakfast we have a glass of vegetable smoothie and a big salad bowl.

This Oats bowl with raw veggies can be an alternative too

Lunch is around 1PM and that’s basically home cooked food, Chapatis, curry rice

Around 4PM I’ve one Black coffee and a cup of Chia seeds

Dinner is again around 7 and that’s one glass of fruit juice(everything home made) and a fruit bowl like this

The hack here is we’re very particular about the food timings and eat practically everything. Sunday’s we usually have something else for Breakfast and everything else is same. Dinner should always be very light and try to complete them before 7. If you’ll follow this religiously you’ll surely lose weight and make sure you keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water.

Like you’ve observed I don’t snack in between and don’t eat at midnight; reason being the fact that they are the main source of weight gain. You can eat everything at a proper time and yes if you’ve a sweet tooth like me try to have something sweet after lunch as this is the best time, do eat everything just be mindful about it and don’t follow any diet which you can’t do in long run.

Also having last meal early helps us to observe sort of intermittent fast as well which actually is very beneficial. Weight loss is beautiful journey and I hope you’ll be successful in this.

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