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How to keep a good figure with a minimum of effort?

To keep a good figure, it is enough just to remove hidden sugar from the menu. Read the article if you want to maintain health and attractiveness into old age.

Lush forms are not in fashion today, so lovely ladies often perceive any extra kilogram as a tragedy. They do their best to lose weight, but as long as their desire to lose weight does not become manic, that’s fine. Indeed, after all, extra pounds reduce physical activity and the quality of human life. In addition, the health of overweight people is usually worse than that of slender people.

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Sometimes the desire of girls for perfection knows no bounds and they lose weight beyond measure, which does not add beauty and is harmful to health. Practice shows that it is better to stick to the weight recommended by doctors, and not to reduce it endlessly to the level of supermodels.

Not everyone knows that excessive thinness contributes to the development of depression. The fact is that the body weakened by diets is simply not able to produce neurotransmitters in the right amount. Possible problems in communication, career, social adaptation are also associated with this circumstance. Among other things, excessive thinness increases the risk of malignant tumors and weakens the cardiovascular system. Too thin women also often experience early menopause, which, of course, will not please any of the fair sex.

In fairness, it should be noted that most of these troubles await people with obesity. Therefore, it is important for every girl to understand what weight is normal for her body and make efforts to always be in her best shape.

A simple method for calculating weight

Physiologists have developed many methods that allow you to determine the normal weight of a person. The simplest option is the following – they measure height in centimeters and subtract 100 from the resulting figure. As a result, they get the optimal weight in kilograms. Of course, there are many more accurate methods, but this method is interesting for its simplicity.

For convenience, consider the situation with an example. Let’s say a woman’s height is 1 meter 65 cm. The method for calculating her weight is as follows:

  • The value of a person’s height is translated into centimeters: 1 m 65 cm \u003d 165 cm.
  • Calculate the weight, which is undesirable to exceed: 165-100 \u003d 65 kg.

That is, as long as this woman weighs no more than 65 kg, it is considered that she is quite healthy. True, with such a calculation, not only the growth of the individual is important, but also the type of his physique. The constitution of an organism depends on the structure of its bones. Therefore, in most cases, it is enough to measure a woman’s wrist to understand what type of physique she has.

When the wrist is 16 cm or less than this value, the individual is considered to have an asthenic body type. To measure, you will need a regular tailor’s centimeter, and in the process it is advisable not to stretch the measuring tape. If the size of a woman’s wrist is in the range of 16-18 cm, then she has a normosthenic physique. Most lovely ladies have such a constitution. When the size of the wrist is more than 18 cm, then such a woman has a hypersthenic body type. Knowing the constitution of the body will allow you to adjust its optimal weight.

We calculate the weight of a woman with an asthenic physique, who is naturally thin and has narrow and light bones. It is necessary to determine the range in which the best weight for such a girl is. The first limit of the range is known to us and is – 65 kg. To find the second – multiply 65 by a factor of 0.9 (65×0.9 \u003d 58.5). Thus, a lady with an asthenic physique with a height of 165 cm should weigh approximately 58-65 kg.

When a girl has wide and heavy bones, then a weight of 65 kg may be too small for her. In this case, it is also more convenient to talk about the weight range. Here, the optimal value can exceed the result obtained by 10%. That is, a lady with a hypersthenic body type and a height of 1 m 65 cm can weigh from 65 to 71.5 kg (65×1.1 = 71.5 kg).

There will almost certainly be girls who will be outraged by such numbers and say that this is an excessively large weight for the indicated height, even with wide bones. There is one secret here that lovely ladies sometimes forget about. The fact is that if, with such a height and weight, a woman is unhappy with her appearance, then most likely she does not need to go on a diet. It’s time for such a lady to do physical education.

Now it is fashionable to go to gyms and actively pump muscles. However, no girl is obliged to become a bodybuilder if she does not want to. But it’s still good if the woman’s muscles are tightened, and her posture is excellent. Beauty often does not require diets, but running or walking at a fast pace. That is, if at normal weight the appearance is not good enough, it is advisable to find a good trainer who will help reduce volumes and pump up muscles.

It is not necessary to reduce weight below the indicator set by physiologists. After all, the main task for any girl is not to achieve the cherished figure on the scales, not at all. Everyone wants to be healthy and beautiful. Often carried away by the process of weight loss, lovely ladies do not notice that they look pale and angular after diets. They also do not take into account that the camera lens visually adds about 3-4 kilograms to the image. When a girl looks at herself in a photo or in a recording, she often forgets that she looks different in real life. Therefore, a woman should not limit herself in nutrition if her weight corresponds to medical indicators.

Amount of food per day

In order for a girl to maintain her figure, it is useful for her to know how many calories per day she needs to maintain weight. Usually you need to get about 2 thousand calories from food daily. The menu in this case involves 5 meals, in small portions, the weight of which is not more than 250 g. If there is a need to lose weight, the number of kilocalories consumed is reduced.

There are many effective and easy-to-use diets, which indicate the weight of dishes and products in grams. There is also additional literature, which contains tables indicating the number of kilocalories in 100 grams of the product.

However, if there is no desire to constantly weigh each dish, but you want to control weight gain, you can count the volume of food. Moreover, nature has provided each person with a convenient mechanism for measuring food intake. It is believed that a person should eat 5-6 servings per day, the volume of each of which does not exceed the size of his fist.

A tall person, whose palms are larger in size, according to this method, is obliged to eat more, a short person – less. This is correct, since a tall person will spend more energy on maintaining his weight, as well as on any physical activity. It is worth considering that controlling the volume of food is not enough here, it is also important to take into account the proportion of nutrients coming from food.

Nutrient Proportions

In addition to limiting the caloric content of the diet, there are proportions of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the daily menu. Carbohydrates should be approximately 50-60% of the total weight of food, proteins – 10-20%, fats – up to 30%. These are average figures. Often, for a variety of reasons, the body requires a different ratio of organic substances. This happens, for example, with high physical activity or due to individual characteristics. These indicators of the content of various substances in food only help in the preparation of the daily menu, but they do not have to be observed with maniacal accuracy.

It is also important to understand that a single violation of the proportions of substances in the diet will not do harm. That is, if a person cooks barbecue in nature and eats a lot of protein in one day, this will not spoil his health. The same can be said about the piece of cake eaten at the celebration. In order for a person to be healthy, it is only important to avoid a constant disproportion of any nature when consuming proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

There is another aspect that is often overlooked by dieters. It is a common misconception that eating fat has a very negative effect on the figure. In fact, unnecessary kilograms and centimeters are associated with excess calorie intake, and not with the type of food. That is, one should not think that if a person eats a little fat, then this piece will immediately be deposited in him in the form of a small tubercle at the waist. Any food with its excess can turn into subcutaneous fat. Lard, butter, and other fat-containing foods have no advantage here, and they are in no way “harmful” than other foods.

Moreover, the complete absence of fat in the diet can lead to diseases. True, it is also not necessary to absorb fat uncontrollably. So, a week it is enough for a woman to eat one serving of fatty meat, for example, pork chops. Or sometimes add a little butter to your porridge.

The proportions of the use of organic substances for the average person are just numbers. On your own, without the use of reference books and special formulas, it is impossible to understand how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates are contained in a particular dish. To facilitate the task of determining the amount of nutrients in a dish, many worthy specialized programs have been developed that can be downloaded to a smartphone. A good nutritionist is also able to create an individual diet for a person, taking into account the given proportions of substances.

If the calculation of nutrients seems troublesome, then you can understand how much and what foods you can eat using the “healthy person’s plate”. To do this, put raw or cooked vegetables on one half of the portioned dish, and not the other – cereal side dish and meat. This simple method allows you to quickly and accurately assemble a dish with a competent ratio of nutrients.

Limiting the consumption of certain foods

Nutritionists believe that there are no harmful foods. This is true, there are no categorical prohibitions regarding any dishes. Moreover, in order for the body to be healthy, it is useful to diversify the diet and include in it to the maximum all the products that are to the taste of a certain person. This provides the right amount of vitamins and other necessary substances for the body.

However, when the task is to lose weight, they do it by limiting the calorie content of the menu. To achieve this, reduce the amount of animal fats and sugar in the diet. Once again, it is worth emphasizing: the consumption of animal fats and sugar is limited, but not completely abandoned for many months.

Sugar in the diet

It is worth talking about this product in more detail. Sugar is inexpensive and enhances the flavor of many dishes while being an excellent preservative. Therefore, many manufacturers actively add it to their products and often do it in larger quantities than the recipe requires.

This substance is found not only in sweets and cakes. It is found in mayonnaise, ketchups, preserves, juices, chips. Sugar can be found even in bread, sausage and canned fish. All this leads to the fact that people consume this product too much.

The constant excess of sugar in the diet is especially dangerous because people are not even aware of its excessive consumption. It often happens that a person does not eat very many meals a day, but his weight is too high. The calorie content of the menu in such cases is usually overestimated due to the hidden sugar that is in the diet.

Therefore, if you want to reduce weight, you should abandon products where manufacturers can add sugar. True, in such a situation it usually turns out that this is difficult to do. A person, refusing sausage and ketchup, often experiences physical suffering. The reasons for the discomfort that occurs here are due to the fact that sugar is highly addictive. Therefore, the rejection of products containing it is often unpleasant.

However, the good news is that this habit can be eliminated. However, in most cases, you can do it yourself. The strategy here is based on phasing out this product.

First you need to write down how many foods with hidden sugar a person consumes per week. Suppose that every week one package of ketchup and mayonnaise is bought, as well as two packs of biscuits of 250 grams. In the first two weeks, in this case, they refuse, for example, only the packaging of mayonnaise. Then you should also refuse one pack of cookies. Thus, gradually removing foods with hidden sugar from the diet, after a while, it will be possible to normalize nutrition and reduce weight. If it is difficult to do without the help of specialists, you should contact a nutritionist.

Sugar is a necessary product for the body, but it is important not to exceed the norm of its daily consumption. For women it is 20 grams, for men it is 30 grams. That is, eating one candy after dinner is healthy; but to consume half a kilo of cakes every day is harmful, regardless of gender, age and physical activity.

Speaking of sugar, we need to mention fruits separately. The World Health Organization recommends consuming about 400 grams of fruits and vegetables daily. But it is worth considering that the fruits are very sweet. The sugar that they contain is more useful than what is produced in sugar factories. However, it is advisable not to get carried away with the use of fruits, and it would be better if, out of the recommended 400 grams, vegetables amount to 350 grams. This is especially important when a person has diabetes.

Weight loss per month

When losing weight, do not rush. In such a process, it is better to achieve the right sustainable eating habits than rapid weight loss. The normal rate of weight loss, provided that the initial weight of the individual is not more than 70 kg, is to reduce it by 1-3 kg per month.

If the diet is followed by a larger person, weight loss may be faster. In this case, it is better to consult a nutritionist and find out about the number of kilograms that can be lost in a month without harm to health.

Diets that promise rapid weight loss are usually based on the removal of water from the body, and not on the loss of adipose tissue. In such cases, the kilograms first quickly go away, practically “leak out”. But later, the lost weight returns very quickly. In general, such diets do not harm the body if they are carried out infrequently. For example, bodybuilders often use them before performances. However, such diets are almost useless for reducing the content of adipose tissue in the body.

Correct eating habits

Almost everyone is prone to overeating. This behavior is inherited and fixed in the genes. The fact is that for many millions of years of evolution there was not enough food and those who knew how to accumulate fat survived. Now, when there is no food shortage, many obese patients have appeared. In order not to correct beyond measure, you need to do the following:

You can’t overeat. It is worth getting into the habit of getting up because of a little hungry. It is also not advisable to eat in the absence of appetite. Nothing terrible will happen if a person sometimes refuses lunch or dinner.

It is advisable to drink half a glass of water twenty minutes before meals. The fact is that people often confuse thirst with hunger. Therefore, after drinking water, a person may suddenly find out that what hunger has become less strong.

Physiologists recommend eating 5-6 times a day in small portions. This contributes to better absorption of products, and also allows you not to stretch the stomach. In reality, it is sometimes difficult to organize fractional meals, since not every employer approves breaks for lunch or coffee. If it is not possible to organize six meals a day, you can eat 3 times a day. In this case, at lunch you need to eat not one, but two or three dishes. Portions in this case may be small in volume, but the number of dishes cannot be reduced, otherwise it is impossible to provide a variety of food. It is worth considering that if the employer does not give you the opportunity to have lunch and a person is forced to spend more than 7 hours a day without food and drink, then it is better to quit such a job. The fact is that the lack of a diet will have an excessively negative impact on health,

Include more vegetables in your diet. It has already been said about the “plate of a healthy person”. Nutritionists agree that about half of a person’s diet should come from vegetables. This is useful primarily because it allows you to provide the body with minerals and vitamins, which are found in vegetables. But this diet has another advantage. The point is in particular the digestion of these products. Fiber, which is found in vegetables, is excreted from the body in an almost unchanged form. Being in the intestines, it increases in volume and collects decay products, which contribute to the cleansing of the body. Therefore, the lack of vegetables in the diet often leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. This contributes to the development of various diseases, as well as to an increase in human weight.

Do physical education. Both sports and training on simulators are useful for the figure. Regular gymnastics and daily walks will also keep the body in good shape. A person has the right to choose any physical activity that he likes. The main thing is to show patience and methodicalness in such a matter. That is, it does not matter how a person trains his body, but he must do it constantly and regularly. Physical education normalizes metabolism, which, in turn, heals the body. It is also important that sports and physical education increase human immunity.

Some people maintain weight regardless of the amount of food they eat. Others, on the contrary, tend to recover quickly. Each person has a different metabolism, so there are no universal weight loss tips that would suit everyone. But in most cases, it is enough to follow these simple tips to always stay slim.

If you can’t achieve the ideal weight on your own, then you don’t need to lose heart. In such a situation, it is worth contacting specialists for help. Nutritionists – will help to draw up an effective weight loss plan, fitness trainers – to strengthen the muscular skeleton.

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