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How to lose extra pounds?

Nowadays, many people dream of a thin, healthy body, but do not know where to start their weight loss. This article will provide tips to help you get started.

Are diets good or bad?

Diets are different: medical, by blood group and for weight loss.

  • Therapeutic – they are prescribed by a doctor due to diseases. For example: diabetes, gastritis, ulcer.
  • By blood group – a person consumes those foods that are suitable for his blood type. What food can be eaten can be found in the system of James D’Adam.
  • For weight loss, a person uses them to get rid of unwanted kilograms, centimeters.

But which diets are harmful?

Therapeutic diets are prescribed by a doctor because of health problems, so they cannot be harmful.

The blood type diet is not harmful, but it is very strange to determine which foods can be eaten and which cannot be eaten by blood type. It has nothing to do with blood type. The choice of food should be only from personal preference.

There are many diets for weight loss on the Internet. Quite often they are very hard and can be harmful to health. Nails often break, hair falls out, loss of strength, irritability, stomach problems. Therefore, you should not try even out of interest, as you can ruin your health.

How to eat to lose weight?

Food must be healthy. It must contain proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

Products containing:

  • Proteins : meat (chicken, turkey breast), milk and dairy products (ryazhenka, kefir, sour cream), cottage cheese, eggs (chicken, quail), cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat), fish (tuna, salmon, pink salmon), seafood (shrimp , squid), caviar (salmon, sturgeon), cheese (Dutch, Russian), legumes (beans, peas), nuts (almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts), fruits and berries (apples, bananas, black currants), vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower), seeds (sesame, sunflower), mushrooms (champignons, porcini mushrooms), bread and bakery products (rye bread, pita bread), dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins);
  • Fats : oil (olive, ghee, rapeseed), nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts), avocados, eggs (chicken, quail), cheese, fish (mackerel), dairy products (milk, sour cream);
  • Carbohydrates : cereals (buckwheat, rice), pasta, bread, legumes (beans).

Water should also be included in the diet. It has a positive effect on the body: food is better absorbed, improves brain function, and maintains a good appearance of the skin.

Meals should be regular. It is better to eat less, but more often than a lot, but twice a day. It is believed that those who eat large amounts of food stretch the stomach. As a result, he will require more food. And if you eat in small portions, the stomach will not stretch and the need for food is less. This way can make the metabolism faster.

What should be done in order to lose weight?

To lose weight, you need:

  • adhere to proper nutrition;
  • exercise;
  • healthy sleep;
  • less worry and stress.

What kind of sports do you do?

Each person chooses a sport that he likes. The most important thing is that it brings pleasure.

Why is healthy sleep important?

Sleep is necessary for the body to rest. During sleep, the muscles are restored, the brain processes all the new information. A healthy adult needs 6-8 hours of sleep.

How does stress affect weight loss?

When a person experiences stress, the body releases a large amount of adrenaline hormones. This can lead to the fact that the sleep pattern, diet will go astray (since strong excitement, thoughts discourage appetite)

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