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How to wake up easily and quickly in the morning

Everyone knows the very moment when the sound of an alarm clock pulls out of a sweet dream. At such moments, more than anything in the world, you just want to stay in a cozy bed and forget about everything … But there are so many important and necessary things ahead that you won’t be able to sleep longer. How can you force yourself to get up and not hate the whole world? We will share with you easy but effective ways to wake up quickly and with pleasure even in a cloudy winter.

No “5 more minutes”!

By delaying waking up and falling asleep for a while longer, you make it much harder for your body to wake up from sleep. By doing this, you give him the all-clear signal and fall asleep even more soundly than you slept before.

At the same time, this does not mean that you need to quickly get out of bed immediately after the alarm goes off. The main thing is not to let yourself fall asleep again and wake up slowly. Lie in bed for a while longer, stretch deeply and yawn well. Start taking deeper breaths, massage the back of your head, temporal area and facial muscles. So you improve blood circulation, as a result of which the body will slowly wake up. Think about the delicious breakfast that awaits you, about pleasant meetings and important things for the coming day.

delaying waking

Smooth rise

After four minutes, take a sitting position and still stretch well. Remember: you can’t wake up too fast. A sharp rise will turn into stress for the body, which has not yet departed from a night’s rest.

Water is the beginning of life! After you have been moving smoothly and slowly out of bed for five minutes, drink a glass of water at room temperature. This will start the digestion process and prepare the stomach for the upcoming breakfast. Just make it a habit to drink a glass of plain water on an empty stomach and you will notice how not only your morning, but also your well-being will change.

Smooth rise

The main thing is to start moving

Getting out of bed, start walking slowly, stretching. Go to the window and do a control deep sip, thereby welcoming a new day.

The main thing is to start moving

Music please!

Even on the most gloomy and rainy morning, life will seem more beautiful and brighter if you wake up accompanied by your favorite music. It will charge you with vivacity and good mood for the whole day, give you strength to do important things.


When the pleasant rhythms of your favorite tunes have brought you back to life, it’s time to warm up. For morning exercises, the simplest and most uncomplicated movements are suitable: tilts, turns, swings with arms and legs. The main thing is to saturate the muscles with blood and enrich the body with oxygen. Do not take on too serious exercises, as they may be beyond the strength of the muscles that have just moved away from sleep. We perform simple movements, keeping within 5-10 minutes. If you have enough time and inspiration ー go for a morning run. This will help not only cheer up, but also get a boost of energy and motivation for the whole day! If you want, but don’t know how to start running



Now you are well cheered up and charged with a positive mood from your favorite music. And that means it’s time to eat. In no case should you skip breakfast, since it is the first meal that is the main energy resource for the whole day. Choose for breakfast high-calorie meals containing complex carbohydrates: cereals, pancakes, cheesecakes, scrambled eggs. This will keep you feeling full and give your body the energy it needs. If you follow all the previous tips, then you will not need morning coffee. And if you need it, we have a wonderful recipe.

How to bounce back in an emergency

It so happened that the evening dragged on and you went to bed too late. And even worse, ーthe alcohol you drank the day before did not let you sleep at night, and in the morning you feel overwhelmed and tired. There is no opportunity to lie down in bed, so we proceed to radical awakening therapy:

  • If the cause of your morning sickness is a green snake, take an aspirin. So the blood will begin to thin, and alcohols will leave your body much faster.
  • Drink plenty of water. Lots of water. This will help speed up metabolic processes and recover faster after drinking.
  • Be sure to have breakfast before leaving, even if you don’t feel like it. You need nutrients to support a tired body.
  • A contrast or cold shower will certainly bring you and your body to life. It will improve blood circulation and help to quickly invigorate the body.

And remember, it is better not to mock your health and avoid such situations. If the cause of your lack of sleep is insomnia, in our article you will learn how to learn how to quickly fall asleep without any drugs.

bounce back

These tricks for easy awakening can be called win-win without exaggeration. They will help you recover even after drinking or when you couldn’t get enough sleep. Make these methods your habit and you will learn how to wake up easily and with a cheerful mood at any time of the year! And what helps you wake up easily and quickly and creates an atmosphere of good morning? Share in the comments.

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