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Original weight loss in a month on a Maggi diet: egg version

Most often, a weight loss diet is associated with malnutrition, a painful feeling of hunger, an endless counting of calories and grams. If you had all these horrors in your head, you can forget, because before you is a diet for those who are ready to eat on a schedule, but do not want to spend a lot of time cooking. But the eggs will have to be boiled a lot and constantly, and why – we will tell below.

With the maggi protein diet, you have a chance to lose 10-20 kg per month, but only if you can follow a strict diet. What do you need to eat for quick weight loss on the Maggi diet, why do you have to start a diary and does the egg diet have contraindications?

Maggi Nutrition Rules: Mode First

Maggi’s egg-curd diet, according to the principle of influence on the body, is very similar to a protein diet. If in the classic version meat plays the main role in replenishing the body with protein, then in the Maggi diet – boiled eggs and cottage cheese.

1. Focus on protein

Protein is vital for our body, as it provides a number of important functions:

  • the main “building material” for the human body;
  • responsible for the transport of useful trace elements throughout the body;
  • without them, not a single chemical reaction in the body takes place, since a significant part of enzymes and hormones is pure protein.

In the process of losing weight, protein also plays an important role, which is why a protein diet assigns it a major role:

  • eating protein foods makes you feel fuller faster and reduces appetite, helping to limit the number of calories consumed;
  • protein is difficult to digest, so the body has to use more energy and resources for this, which helps to speed up metabolism throughout the body and burn fat;
  • promotes muscle growth, which goes well with intense training in the process of building a toned body.

eating protein

2. Add exercise

The Maggi diet, like any other protein type of food, is recommended to be combined with physical activity. You can work out at home, supplementing the daily routine with morning exercises, yoga or jogging. In our section “Sports” you will find a lot of recommendations for those who train on their own and in the gym, as well as tips on how to start running in the morning or do yoga at home.

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3. Control results

The result is always pleasant to feel and see. The fact that you will feel lighter and more pleasant after a diet is unequivocal. It is more difficult to overcome hunger and small portions in the early days, especially if you have not tried this weight loss option before. Therefore, encourage and stimulate yourself with visual results achieved.

Control results

It can be minus a few centimeters on the stomach or in the hips, or minus 1-2 kilograms every day, recorded on the scales. To do this, it is better to get floor scales (if you do not already have them). They make it easier to control weight loss and understand how effective the diet is.

4. Set yourself up for strict mode

In the Maggi diet, there is no need to cook complex meals or count calories, but a prerequisite is a special diet in clearly described quantities and on a schedule, on which the final results of losing weight depend. Correct mode requires compliance with the following rules:

  • you can not replace foods in the daily diet, but you can not eat them at all;
  • you can’t swap dishes in the daily menu (if it says that an apple should be eaten in the morning, it should be eaten in the morning, and not at lunch, before bed or tomorrow);
  • no additional meals, snacks;
  • sugar, alcohol, butter and mayonnaise are strictly prohibited;
  • drink as much water as possible;
  • you can’t break the diet (if you once lost or broke, you will have to start over from the first day).

Set yourself up for strict mode

5. A month and not a day more

Due to the fact that the Maggi diet is not balanced, experts do not recommend sticking to it for more than 3-4 weeks, so as not to harm your health.

6. Stock up on the right products

Despite the fact that the maggi diet is called an egg diet, its menu can still be varied and supplemented. To make a diet for the day, you can use the following products:

  • eggs
  • poultry, rabbit and lean veal;
  • Fish and seafood;
  • dairy products (milk, kefir, yogurt without filler, cottage cheese), the use of lactose-free and vegetable milk is also acceptable;
  • legumes (lentils and soy products are especially welcome);
  • fruits (except bananas and grapes);
  • vegetables, especially green ones (broccoli, green peas, green beans);
  • cereals should be limited to a moderate amount of buckwheat, oatmeal, quinoa, but it is better to completely exclude them from the diet;
  • nuts and seeds.

These products perfectly relieve the feeling of hunger even with small consumption. In addition, they allow you to use different cooking recipes for a variety of menus.

The difficulties of the Maggi diet

As already mentioned above, the most difficult thing is to strictly follow the rules of nutrition. As it often happens: there is no time to cook chicken breast for lunch at the office in the morning, at midnight we remember that we did not buy apples that we need to eat for breakfast, etc. To do this, we recommend starting a diary.

It is convenient for someone to take notes directly from the phone by installing one of the scheduler or task manager applications, while someone is tired of the daily strain on their eyes and prefers to use paper notebooks. By the way, the more original the design of a notebook or diary , the more pleasant it is to hold it in your hands, write everything down, reread and follow the process :). And on Poupon, the stylish design also comes with cashback savings, so follow the links and start your weight loss journey with amenities 🙂

It is difficult to enter the diet, especially for those who like frequent snacks, so many “break down” in the first week and have to start over. It is also difficult to maintain the results of a sharp weight loss when switching to a regular diet, so the exit should be gradual with the daily addition of one or two new foods to the diet.

An indisputable plus of the Maggi diet is that in a month of losing weight, the body learns to get by with a minimum. This, to some extent, helps to fight uncontrolled overeating when switching to a normal diet, to restrain yourself so as not to eat back the lost kilograms. But often tactics “by eye” has a relaxing effect. This is where a fitness bracelet comes to the rescue , which helps control calories consumed during and after a diet. When buying a healthy lifestyle gadget on Pokupon, you still get good savings in the form of cashback. Read about how to choose a device in a separate article .

Contraindications to the curd-egg diet

The consumption of large amounts of protein and the complete rejection of slow carbohydrates lead to a high load on the liver, kidneys and stomach, there is a feeling of heaviness, fatigue and drowsiness. Increases the level of cholesterol, which enters the body with a large number of eggs.

Maggi diet is not suitable:

  • pregnant women;
  • nursing mothers;
  • teenagers and children;
  • people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver.

It is also better for people with cardiovascular diseases to consult a doctor first. Look for discounts on examinations and consultations with a general practitioner or cardiologist on the Coupon.

Maggi protein diet: detailed menu for the week

We invite you to familiarize yourself with an exemplary cottage cheese and egg diet for seven days in order to understand how a variant of such a diet may suit you.


  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, half a grapefruit.
  • Lunch: fruit of one kind in any quantity (from the list of allowed).
  • Dinner: boiled or baked piece of meat (except lamb).



  • Breakfast: egg white omelet, orange.
  • Lunch: stewed lean veal.
  • Dinner: cucumber and tomato salad, a slice of whole grain bread.


  • Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, half a grapefruit.
  • Lunch: fruit of one kind in any quantity (from the list of allowed).
  • Dinner: 2 soft-boiled eggs, stewed zucchini.


  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: lean fish with stewed beans.
  • Dinner: a glass of fat-free kefir, an orange.


  • Breakfast: a slice of whole grain bread, cottage cheese.
  • Lunch: boiled beef with fresh carrot salad without spices.
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables.



  • Breakfast: a glass of fat-free yogurt.
  • Lunch: fruit of one kind in any quantity (from the list of allowed).
  • Dinner: stewed turkey, cucumber and tomato salad.


  • Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs, tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: fruit of one kind in any quantity (from the list of allowed).
  • Dinner: lean fish with stewed beans.

In the public domain, you can find several variations of the Maggi diet for all four weeks, presented in the table below. Some of them are more loyal and allow you to choose what fruits to eat today and how to cook eggs. Others go into great detail about the ingredients, grams, and cooking methods, but the general gist is very similar: a daily egg share and a cottage cheese dessert. If you chose the first, more rigid and probably more effective option, then immediately buy a kitchen scale to comply with the calculation of products. To save money, use the cashback from the Coupon.

To cook so many eggs, dietary meat and steamed vegetables, you can’t do without an egg cooker , slow cooker or double boiler , which will greatly simplify life while dieting. This and other small household appliances for the kitchen can be purchased on the Coupon with cashback. How to choose a slow cooker that can replace almost all kitchen appliances and save you time, read in a separate review . Food thermoses will also be useful , which will allow you to keep food hot and dine while observing the regimen.

We will tell you more not only about the maggi protein diet, but also about the fat keto diet , the mediterranean carbohydrate diet and the long-term, but most effective Dukan diet . You can read about all these weight loss diets in our individual reviews and choose which one you like.

And how do you prefer to lose weight – with the help of a mono-diet or according to an individually designed program ? What other options have you tried? Share your thoughts, thoughts, experiences or doubts in the comments – we will definitely discuss together 🙂

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