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Proper nutrition: healthy foods, extra calories and diet

Dreaming of losing weight? Then read about the secrets of a healthy diet. About this and not only in this article.

Nutrition is the physiological need of a person for proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. The cells of the body absorb nutrients, then produce and store energy. The main thing is to satisfy hunger. This sensation occurs 3 hours after eating. The digestion of a banana, orange or yogurt lasts from 15 to 30 minutes, and mushrooms or mushrooms are much longer. The middle of the day is the active phase of the gastrointestinal tract.

What are the healthiest foods?

Food is of plant and animal origin. The first type includes mushrooms, berries, vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts, seeds and beans. To the second – meat, seafood, honey, milk, caviar and eggs. What is grown on the ground can be eaten without harm to health during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Complementary feeding in children begins at 4.5 months. The menu includes cereals on water and vegetable puree. This happens because plant-based nutrition provides more fiber, vitamins C (ascorbic acid), B1 (thiamine), E (tocopherol), folic acid, beta-carotene, lycopene and other antioxidants.

Greens also bring great benefits to the body. Add fresh plant shoots to soups, casseroles, chops, or burgers. Cabbage, spinach, parsley, arugula, basil and dill not only decorate food, but also strengthen the immune system, heart and blood vessels. True, fresh lettuce leaves, sorrel or celery are not stored for long – about 3 days.

Where do extra calories come from?

It is impossible to exclude meat, fish, honey, eggs and others from the diet. These are sources of fats, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamins A, D and B12. However, there are several nuances.

  • Pork and beef take 4 to 5 hours to digest. It is better to cook such meat for lunch or replace it with chicken or turkey.
  • Before you drink milk, make sure you don’t have any allergies. Dairy products due to their properties often cause colic in the abdomen.
  • Some seafood contains both significant amounts of protein and toxins. This applies to octopuses, oysters and shellfish.

Fast food is popular among those who like to eat more satisfyingly. Shawarma, pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs are very high in calories – up to 300 kcal in one dish. An alternative is recipes based on the principle of a healthy diet. Add less salt, sugar and vegetable oil, steam meat or fish, and serve vegetables as a side dish.

Another problem for those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle is semi-finished products. The shelves in the stores are just filled with them. These are goods that have already undergone primary processing and require additional manipulations to turn the product into the final product. The advantages of such food are quick, inexpensive and easy, but there are still many more disadvantages.

This category includes dumplings, sausages, sausages, cabbage rolls, pizzas, zrazy. It’s almost ready food. The main danger – trans fats – are fats that have already been chemically processed. They are poorly absorbed by the body and lead to cardiovascular diseases. Meanwhile, food additives are almost always found in the composition of semi-finished products. The most dangerous is monosodium glutamate. The substance enhances the sense of taste, which leads to overeating. It is possible and necessary to replace such food. Just buy fresh meat, make minced meat out of it and be sure that it is not only tasty, but also healthy if everything is cooked correctly.

How to create a diet?

Kindergarten, school, university and work – everything is both by the clock and the diet. How effective is the planning method?

For a full life, a person needs to satisfy hunger and save energy. This applies to both children and adults. Every day we need strength. Study, work, home – hundreds of tasks and tasks every week. After all, in life it is important to always stay healthy. Help is diet. The schedule is drawn up for each day. Meal time is indicated, meals, snacks and drinks are prescribed. The amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is controlled. Nutritionists recommend eating 5 times a day.

Is it necessary to have breakfast?

In the morning, the body needs carbohydrates so as not to overeat during the day. Immediately after getting up, do not sit down at the table. Better drink a glass of warm water and wait half an hour. During this time, exercise and take a shower. In order to do everything in the interval from 7.00 to 9.00, make up the menu in advance and immediately for the whole week. Plus, be ready in the evening.

Universal Product List:

  • eggs;
  • milk;
  • cereals;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • cottage cheese;
  • fruits;
  • cheese.

Of these, prepare a choice – scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, porridge with bananas and strawberries, casserole, pancakes, sandwiches. Look for interesting recipes. By the way, additionally buy honey, nuts, lemon, dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins, prunes). At the same time, give up cereals, pads, chocolate balls. They contain fast carbohydrates. Forget about salads in the morning. Vegetables in the morning only irritate the stomach.

First snack. What to enjoy?

Eat after 3 hours. This is definitely not suitable – buns, bars and chocolates. Take an apple, banana or pear with you. Plus 100 grams of nuts – pistachios, cashews or almonds. For a change, add them to yogurt. Another option is to make a sandwich with whole grain bread and a couple of pieces of red fish. From sweets, marmalade or marshmallows are suitable. Delicacy promotes active brain activity, improves memory. Even 100 grams of such products will strengthen the immune system and eliminate beriberi.

Cold and hot. Why should lunch be hearty?

From 13.00 to 15.00 – lunch time. Cook multiple meals at once. If possible, eat the first one first. Suitable potato or pea soup, sorrel, borscht. Add sour cream and herbs. For the second, serve something more satisfying. The number of recipes is huge, for example:

  • pork chops with buckwheat;
  • chicken cutlets with pasta:
  • meat in French with mashed potatoes;
  • vegetable stew;
  • pilaf with beef.

The main thing for any dish is to make a simple salad. The key rules are less salt and not a drop of mayonnaise. Fill with sour cream or vegetable oil. If you have time and desire, boil jelly, compote in advance. Make a milkshake. Coffee or tea is your choice.

Snack – just for kids?

Have a snack between lunch and dinner. Approximately from 16.00 to 17.00. At this time, drink a glass of milk, yogurt, or cocoa with a cookie, waffle, or muffin. Under the ban – soda, chips, chocolate or sweets.

Give dinner to a friend or eat it yourself?

The last meal should be two hours before bedtime. It is best at this time to choose low-calorie foods and those that are quickly digested. The list of acceptable – fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, herbs and dairy products. These are kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt. The main thing is to take it in the store without flavorings and preservatives. From dishes you can cook:

  • stewed pollock in sour cream;
  • salmon in cheese batter;
  • chicken baked in carrot sauce;
  • roast with red pepper.

The main thing – do not go to bed with an empty stomach, so as not to overeat at night. And it’s also important not to eat in the evening – chips, salted or pickled vegetables, fast food, baked goods and flour products and alcohol. Give up bad habits forever – it not only helps to lose weight, but also improves your mood.

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