Top 12 Foods that make you happy

Top 12 Foods that make you happy

You are what you eat, they say. You feel happy when you eat these food items, we say. Here’s Top 12 Foods that make you happy.

Psychology says your mood is affected by your diet intake. We’re here to tell you what to eat to uplift your mood when you’re feeling sad. Isn’t it absolutely thrilling to know that eating some things can make you feel more joyous and less lethargic? Below is the life-saving, life-affirming list of those food items for you:

1. Watermelon

Watermelons are water more than melon. They don’t only make your taste buds happy but also improve your overall mental state. When you consume the juicy fruit, you feel comfortable and rejuvenated.

Top 12 Foods that make you happy

2. Carrots

Back in the day, when we were still kids, our parents used to tell us to eat carrots because they are suitable for our health, particularly for the eyes. Carrots are packed with water content, which can vary from around 86-95%.

3. Chocolate

Do brownies make you feel good? Do you think it’s your guilty pleasure? Well, stop feeling guilty because chocolate does uplift your mood.

Next time you pick that second brownie, do so without a shred of guilt!

Top 12 Foods that make you happy

4. Garlic

Garlic has the ability to fill you with energy and happy vibes. It isn’t an attractive choice of a food item, but you must not undermine its potential to make you feel satisfied.

5. Salmon Fish

It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help boost ‘good mood’ by improving your serotonin levels. It is vitamin dense, and hence a rich source of energy. Better your energy levels, the better you will feel.

Top 12 Foods that make you happy

6. Avocado

Serotonin is a happy vibe transmitter chemical produced in human brain. Avocado is rich in Tryptophan, which is an amino acid that stimulates serotonin production in your brain. Safe to say, Avocadoes can make you feel good and mentally relaxed.

7. Chicken

Don’t you see how many people around you love chicken? It makes them feel happy. But why is it so? Actually, Poultry is rich in Vitamin B12. And that’s the only secret behind your taste buds loving chicken.

8. Spinach

Folic acid is known for elevating mood of a person. Spinach has an abundance of it. So, it does not only make you strong like Popeye, it makes you mind feel re-energized and thus uplifts your mood.

9. Noodle Soups

These are not just a common Go-to food for cold and flu. They’re powerhouses of nutrition and make you feel energized with just a few sips. You feel good and thus Noodle soups are a source of happiness.

Top 12 Foods that make you happy

10. Greek Yogurt

Probiotics have a strong link with improved metabolism and better brain power. Greek yogurt is rich in Probiotics and thus, does the trick for you.

11. Green tea

Green tea is full of thiamine. Thus it reduces your stress and anxiety, and rejuvenates your mood.

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