I’ve got to agree with the “whole food diet.” The problem is that “whole food” and “plant based” are not linked much at all. Plants have a place. I like plants. I grow them in my yard. The issue is that plants are mostly carbohydrates and fibers. Fiber is great. It feeds bacteria in your gut and may help with overall bodily inflammation. Carbohydrate is much more problematic.

Repeat after me – “You do not need dietary carbohydrate in your diet.”

You absolutely and positively need to reduce the amount of high glycemic carbohydrate in your diet. It stimulates cravings. It causes problem with your blood sugars and insulin levels. It can actually help you gain fat in your body.

Here’s the point I drive home over and over on Quora. It is the insulin levels in your body that drive obesity. People will try to tell you that calories are the measure but they are full of crap. The science behind the “calories are calories” argument is beyond this post. It’s insulin. And the simple reality is that the greatest driver of insulin in the body is dietary carbohydrate.

So, if you want to reduce obesity, then you need to reduce insulin levels. How do you do this? Well calorie restriction is one. It’s just that it’s really hard and works against the hormones in your body. Intermittent fasting is another. This is not eating anywhere from 12 to 36 to possibly longer times. This is a powerful method for a lot of people. Anyone can not eat for 18 to 24 hours.

Before I tell you MY dietary method. I need to preface with this. DIETS don’t work. Study after study ad nauseum prove this point. You need to make lifestyle changes.

So what’s the appropriate lifestyle? Obviously one that reduces or greatly eliminates insulin in the body. This is the low carb diet. The best way to go low carb depends on your individual metabolism. Some people can get by with 200 grams of carbohydrate. Some people need drastically more. Some people do fine with high glycemic carbohydrates. For others they are poison.