What is the right diet for losing fat?

Long term process of losing fat is the permanent solution to keep your body fat free. Let’s share my thoughts.

When you think about losing your belly you can think of several very clear ways to do it: a good diet , constant exercise or a mixture between the two. However, it is a bit more complicated and challenging than it seems. These types of lipids are stubborn and frustrating, but not permanent. You can take concrete and assimilable measures to eliminate them from the abdominal area, but it is better when experts in nutrition and sports agree to draw up a plan that is successful.

Surely you have read everything: high intensity exercises , keto diet, whole 30, fat burning supplements … Which one really works? Is it possible to get a six-pack and get rid of that fat you hate so much ? Yes, pay attention.

Through exercise

When it comes to training you should be clear that the best is a mix between strength and cardiovascular exercises . Your goal is to burn the calories by running, doing elliptical, riding a bike and building muscle through weights, which will speed up your metabolism and burn some extra throughout the day. Do not focus only on cardio because it is not the right way to lose belly fat.

Building muscle is essential to achieve it because the more muscle mass you have, the higher your resting metabolic rate, which will cause you to burn more calories for the rest of the time, even after being in the gym . You should also focus your attention on creating lean muscle tissue in the abdominal area.

Do not take protein before exercising, do it later for the muscle to form, but you should eat something healthy to not be hungry.

There are many muscles between your shoulders and hips that are involved in every movement we make. If you do the right exercises you will see results quickly. ” He uses HIIT (high intensity workouts) because they are the best strategy to lose that abdominal fat that prevents our six pack from becoming firm toned,” says Tom Holland , an exercise physiologist and fitness consultant.

As you get stronger, you’ll want to add more resistance and difficulty, either with plyometric movements (jumps) or with weights through a progressive overload. Increasing your resistance is crucial to continue burning fat and building muscle, but don’t forget about cardio . The best? Running is a classic, especially if you do it at intervals. Walking and swimming are also very good for weight loss.

How much should I train?

” From three to six quality workouts per week , combining cardiovascular exercise and strength training,” says the expert. If you just started, take your time and work carefully. If you hurt yourself by doing things wrong, it will be the worst thing you can do for your weight loss goals.

The more exercise you do, the more chances you have of losing that belly fat. However, it takes time . The results are not seen overnight . “The abs are often one of the last places where your body gets rid of fat deposits, so it is difficult to achieve quickly, but that said, it can be achieved, ” he says.

One of the biggest myths that can be reduced in a timely manner. It is impossible. Which means that even if you kill yourself to do crunches you will not be able to see them if you do not lose widespread weight. You should only focus on them 10% of the total time, that is, about five or six minutes of thirty that lasts a workout . Do them at the beginning to activate the nucleus, even if you don’t continue doing them the rest of the time you will be involved.

Through food

You are clear that a healthy diet is the most important , right? Experts recommend a low carb diet , not only because it is high in calories but because they have a relationship between high insulin levels and weight gain. When the first increases due to eating this nutrient or sugary foods, there are studies that say it blocks the production of leptin.

This hormone is what tells your body that it is satiated, so if its creation slows down it will mean that you will continue to be hungry and add additional calories. The amount of carbohydrates that should be ingested is different for each person, but most dietitians consider that between 50 and 100 net grams per day is correct . It is also important which ones to take; the healthiest are quinoa, rice, whole-grain breads and pastas, broccoli or sweet potatoes.

When it comes to training, be clear that the best is a mixture of strength and cardio exercises, and above all you should build muscle.

You know perfectly well that there are foods and drinks that can cause flatulence and swell the gut . Among the most important that we should avoid are all soda with gas and alcohol; legumes, products with gluten or lactose, vegetables such as cauliflower and sweeteners such as sorbitol or xylitol. You also have to get away from customs such as chewing gum , drinking with a straw or eating very quickly, as they favor air entering the stomach. On the contrary, including ingredients such as basil and tarragon in recipes can help reduce abdominal swelling .

Do not take protein before exercising, do it later for the muscle to form. Before training it is good that you take something so that after you do not feel hungry and devour anything that can accumulate in your holsters. Choose foods with fiber and whole grains such as oatmeal, fruits, vegetables or chia to “feel more satiated.” In addition, a 2015 study published in ‘ Annals of Internal Medicine ‘ showed that for those who have difficulty following a strict diet, simplifying the approach to weight loss by increasing only fiber intake can lead to weight loss.

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