Five Finest Pizza Places in Islamabad

Five Finest Pizza Places in Twin Cities

The people of twin cities who wants to know about the finest pizza places in Islamabad should read this article. We have provided all the details of the places and our favourite pizza picks as well.


Yes, you read it right, apart from Ranchers being a famous burger joint, it offers delicious pizzas too. Plus it’s a reasonable fast food place, with amazing burgers to pizzas to yummy-loaded fries. It’s a really warm and cowboy-ish type place located in I-8 Markaz.

best pizza in Islamabad


Our two favourite picks from the pizza menu are Chicken Tikka and Chicken Mexicana Sicilian. Super quality dough, with loads of cheese, and flavourful chicken.

They deliver mostly all over Islamabad.


Upper Crust Pizza is located at Beverly Centre, “The Pizza Specialists” for real. They offer a variety of pizzas with original New York crust i.e., thin and crusty.

pizza in Islamabad

Best pizzas we tried and adored included our ever favourite Classic Pepperoni, Meat Lovers and Peri-Peri Chicken. And of course, if you want to go on a cheesier fest then there Margherita Pizza is for you…


A small and cosy place located in F-8 has always been our getaway place for pizza cravings. It offers yummy and huge-in-size pizzas, yes, not kidding. A pizza enough for like 6 people, that too at a reasonable price.

best pizza

The delicious crust, filled with cheddar cheese or their special sauce always makes us crave for more, and the New Yorker Special pizza with corns and veggies and sausages is our favourite. However, you can opt for “Create your Pizza” too.

They offer pizzas until 26 inches and still, you’ll want more. They deliver all over Islamabad plus offer discounts if you are a regular customer.


You may or may not have heard about this little gem of a place but trust us, this small (like literally small) place in E11 will leave you satisfied and amazed with their pizzas.

Their pizzas have the softest and creamiest cheese, from their sauce to spices, to the flavoured chicken; all-in-all they offer the finest pizza. And the plus point is it is a very pocket-friendly place. They deliver almost all over Islamabad.

pizza in Islamabad

Pepperoni and sausage, Chicken Tikka and Smoked Chicken are our favourites. You can choose your crust according to your liking, plus what goes on your pizza.


At last but not least, it is hands down the most beautiful and delicious pizza place, located in Bahria town phase 4 and F-11 Markaz Islamabad. It has a funky and architectural vibe to it. The pizzas are exquisite with a variety of options to choose from. Different crust types, different presentations and different and unique flavours.

pizza in twin cities

Our final finest pizza in Islamabad is Downtown Special pizza with cheesy bites as the crust, the creamiest filling and thin-crust will leave you drooling. The rich taste of chicken, or beef, is amazing and the sizzling cheese is to die for. They only deliver in Bahria Town and DHA.

These are five finest pizza places in Islamabad and if you want to know more about pizza places in twin cities the you must follow this space.

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