Which is a better diet veg or non-veg?

By | September 7, 2021

Ah! the age-old debate of veg vs nonveg. Whenever such debates happens, people come out with all sorts of weird logic, misguided beliefs and biased moral stands, just to support their preferred eating habits. I won’t go in details as you can find plenty of examples in answers given here.

Let’s come to the main question. Which one is better – veg or nonveg? I would ask better for what? Survival? Health? Taste? Morality? Religious beliefs? Lets come to each of these aspects one by one.


Out of all living beings, it is only plants that can synthesize its own food. We, like other animals need biological energy to survive which we can only get by eating other animals or plants. Some animals are carnivorous and can only eat flesh. Some are herbivorous and can only eat plants. Some lucky ones like we humans are omnivorous and can eat both. So, we have options and we can chose whatever can keep us alive. In short, from survival point of view – “any food that keeps you alive is good food be it veg or nonveg.”


When it comes to health, we need various kinds of macronutrients namely protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, vitamins, etc. Nonvegetarian food is mainly a good source of protein and some essential fatty acids like omega-3(fish oil). So, we need to get other nutrients from vegetarian sources. Question is can we get all nutrients from vegetarian sources? Yes, it is possible.

However, nonvegetarian sources like chicken, fish & egg have better protein quality as it contains all required amino acids. On the other hand most vegetarian sources like pulses etc. don’t have all required amino acids. It’s only milk that has complete amino profile because although it’s considered vegetarian, it is still an animal product.

Anyhow, when it comes to nutrition, being a nonvegetarian makes things easier, especially when you are at a place where vegetarian options are not easily available. Otherwise, it is perfectly acceptable from health point of view to be a vegetarian.


Personal preference. Only those who have tasted both can compare. I love eating chicken kebab but I also love eating kheer. You see, being a nonvegetarian gives me far more options.


Let’s keep morality issues away from our food. Food is a necessity and we need to kill a living being to get our food. Nonvegetarians kill animals and vegetarians kill plants. I guess everyone here is educated enough to understand that plants have life too. So let’s keep this morality issue aside. Doesn’t make sense.

Religious Beliefs

I shouldn’t say anything about this sensitive issue. 😛 I’m agnostic and can eat anything but everyone here is free to follow dietary restrictions posed by the religion they follow.

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